DIY Glitter Brush Holder

While googling around for different brush holder ideas I came across photos of mason jars covered in glitter and thought it was a great idea! Instead of mason jars I decided to pick up a vase that I could decorate to my own liking – and this is what I came up with! Although I wanted rose gold glitter it was IMPOSSIBLE to find any, but silver is just as nice!

Products I used throughout the entire DIY Project:

Fillers (Michaels)
Clear Coat Spray (Michaels)
Fine Glitter (Dollar Store)
Mod Podge (Gloss Version)
Lace Ribbon (Dollar Store)
Foam Paint Brush (Dollar Store)
Painters Tape (Dollar Store)
Vase (Dollar Store)

Take the Mod Podge and paint the area where you want your glitter to stick – make sure you go in one direction and it’s even.

Sprinkle the glitter onto where you applied the glue – don’t be afraid to use too much it can be recycled.

After 1 coat of glitter – I let it dry for about 2-3 hours then put on a second coat of glitter.

After 2 coats of glitter – more opaque.

Voila! Removed the painters tape, filled the jar with filler beads, tied a ribbon around it, and sprayed a clear coat on the glitter area!

Hope you enjoyed this DIY!

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