Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish

If you’re like me and collect (more like horde) nail polish, then you know my struggle. In the last couple of months I’ve drastically toned down on my nail polish binge simply because I own over 300 to many. While shopping around Target I happened to pass by the beauty isle and picked up these three beauties on the clearance rack for $1.80 CAD each, I thought they looked pretty cool, nothing like I own thus far. The bottle itself has a nice thin vertical shape, the cap comes off revealing a smaller cap to open the nail polish top and the best part about it is that the brush is flat and fat making it easier to paint nails! I found this polishes to last about 4 days on me with Seche Vite top coat before it started peeling, given I always pick at my nail polish it may last longer for others depending on what you’re doing with your hands.

It’s packed with glitters making the application even throughout, it also has the base colour to it making it opaque when applying so no need for a different polish under it. I used 2 coats for these pictures.

Archipela-Glow, Changing Tides, Sparktacular

Archipela-Glow has a greenish blue base with silver and teal-green glitters.

Changing Tides has a pink base with silver and blue glitters.

Sparktacular has a orange-brown base with teal and silver glitters.

Archipela-Glow, Changing Tides, Sparktacular

What’s your go-to colour? Do you prefer glitter or none? Tell me what you think!

4 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish”

  • Wow, love them, especially the orange! Looks like the glitter spreads well which is my biggest bugbear with glitter nail polish. Hope I can find these in the UK x

    • They’re pretty indeed. The orange would be lovely for fall. I’m not used to lots of glitter but I need to get out of my comfort zone 🙂

      I agree with glitters not spreading well ends up being layers upon layers but not with these, it’s only 2!

      Thanks for reading x

  • Love these don’t think we can get them in the UK! 🙁 My favourite is the pink bet the would be hard to get of though, that’s one of the things I hate about glitter nail polishes. x

    • The teal one is my favourite. That’s unfortunate that it’s not available in the UK 🙁

      Glitter is usually hard to remove with nailpolish remover, I agree. This polish lets me just peel it right off – easy!

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